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Getting Started

NumerBay is the Numerai community marketplace funded by the Numerai Council of Elders. Anything related to the Numerai tournaments can be traded directly without middleman.

Numerai is the hardest data science tournament on the planet where data scientists around the world comes together to build the world's last hedge fund by predicting the stock market. Learn more by reading the Numerai Docs

On NumerBay, data scientists can trade their Numerai tournament submissions and other artifacts for Numeraire (NMR) tokens. Non-tournament participants can stake on others' predictions by buying on NumerBay and setting up auto-submission.

Explore NumerBay immediately at Learn how to set up an account on NumerBay.

Key Features


Learn how to buy Numerai products and make ensembles on NumerBay.


Learn how to get your Numerai products listed on NumerBay, and automate your sales workflow with NumerBay APIs.


Learn how to create a poll with support for NMR stake weighting.


NumerBay is an unofficial project developed by the Numerai community. NumerBay is not an investment platform and products listed on NumerBay are not investment products. NumerBay does not own nor offer any warranty for the products listed.

By using this platform, you agree that NumerBay and Numerai are not liable for any loss resulted from transactions on the platform.