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NumerBlox Integration

NumerBlox is a library that offers Numerai specific functionality, so you can worry less about software/data engineering and focus more on building great Numerai models.

NumerBay provides basic integration with NumerBlox for downloading and submission of file artifacts.

A working example notebook for this tutorial is available at

NumerBay download with NumerFrame

This part of the tutorial demonstrates how to use NumerFrame to download predictions bought on NumerBay community marketplace.

Numerai Classic

First, we download tournament data using NumeraiClassicDownloader.

from numerblox.numerframe import create_numerframe, NumerFrame
from import NumeraiClassicDownloader
from numerblox.key import Key
from numerblox.model import NumerBayCSVs
from numerblox.submission import NumerBaySubmitter, NumeraiClassicSubmitter, NumeraiSignalsSubmitter

downloader = NumeraiClassicDownloader("numerframe_edu")
# Path variables
tournament_file = "numerai_tournament_data.parquet"
tournament_save_path = f"{str(downloader.dir)}/{tournament_file}"
# Download only tournament parquet file
downloader.download_single_dataset(tournament_file, dest_path=tournament_save_path)

Loading in data and initializing a NumerFrame takes one line of code. It will automatically recognize the data format such as .csv or .parquet. You have the option to add metadata, which is stored in the meta attribute.

# Initialize NumerFrame from parquet file path
dataf = create_numerframe(tournament_save_path, metadata={"version": 3, "type": "tournament"})

Next, we create a NumerBayCSVs model object with a list of products we bought and NumerBay credentials. numerbay_key_path may be required for products that use client-side encryption. You can learn more about encryption here

nb_model = NumerBayCSVs(data_directory='/app/notebooks/tmp',
numerbay_product_full_names=['numerai-predictions-numerbay'], # change to the full names of products you bought
numerbay_username="your_username", # change to your own username
numerbay_password="your_password", # change to your own password

Call the predict method on the NumerFrame to fetch the prediction file from NumerBay. If the file already exists in the data_directory, that file will be loaded without re-downloading.

preds = nb_model.predict(dataf)

The predictions are concatenated to the NumerFrame with column name prediction_numerai-predictions-numerbay.

In this part of the tutorial we have downloaded a prediction file from NumerBay with NumerFrame. This makes things easier for post processing such as ensembling and neutralization.

Numerai Signals

Currently only the main tournament is supported. Signals support will be added in future.

NumerBay submission

This part of the tutorial is for sellers who want to upload their predictions to NumerBay to fulfill sale orders. Using NumerBaySubmitter, a seller can choose to submit to both Numerai and NumerBay or just NumerBay.

Numerai Classic

Assume we have some prediction column to upload for the Numerai main tournament, in this case the prediction column which simply takes the value of a feature.

dataf = create_numerframe(tournament_save_path, metadata={"version": 3, "type": "tournament"})
dataf['prediction'] = dataf['feature_dichasial_hammier_spawner'] # delete this line to use your own columns

Next, we create a NumerBaySubmitter object which wraps on top of a NumeraiClassicSubmitter object that you would normally use if you are only submitting to Numerai.

key = Key(pub_id='YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY', secret_key='YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY')  # change to your own Numerai API key
numerai_submitter = NumeraiClassicSubmitter(directory_path="/app/notebooks/tmp", key=key)

Set upload_to_numerai to True (default) if you want to submit to both Numerai and NumerBay, set to False to submit only to NumerBay.

nb_submitter = NumerBaySubmitter(tournament_submitter=numerai_submitter, upload_to_numerai=True, numerbay_username="numerbay", numerbay_password="your_password")

Finally, we call the full_submission method to perform the submission

nb_submitter.full_submission(dataf, file_name='upload-full.csv', model_name='numerbay', numerbay_product_full_name='numerai-predictions-numerbay', cols='prediction')

Numerai Signals

The process for Signals submission is very similar and is omitted for brevity, just do the following:

  • Use Signals NumerFrame
  • Change NumeraiClassicSubmitter to NumeraiSignalsSubmitter for the tournament_submitter argument
  • When calling full_submission, change the cols argument to the list of Signals column to submit (e.g. ['bloomberg_ticker', 'signal'])